svSite should provide a fully functional site (with minimal work), but you may want to personalize the look, which will take time. That’s inevitable. Here is some information on how to do it.

Theme requirements

To create your own theme, these are the requirements:

  • The files should be organized into directories templates, static and info:

    • The templates directory should contain base.html holding the theme body and optionally head.html holding anything in <head> (you might want to include default_head.html). Except for that, it can contain any templates you want (these are only used if you explicitly include them).
    • The static directory should contain any static files you use (see below on how to use them).
    • The info directory can contain any of these files: readme.rst, description.rst, credits.rst and license.txt. Other files can be included but nothing special happens with them.
  • Include static css/js files using:

    {% load addtoblock from sekizai_tags %}
    {% addtoblock "css" %}
            <link rel="stylesheet" href="{% static THEME_PREFIX|add:'/css/style.css' %}">
    {% endaddtoblock "css" %}

    and other static files:

    {% load static from staticfiles %}
    <img src="{% static THEME_PREFIX|add:'/logo.png' %}" />

    You can also hard-code {% static 'theme_name/logo.png' %}. This behaves differently in case another theme extends this one.

  • For the base.html template:

    • It should not extend anything (it is itself included).

    • It should define precisely these placeholders:

      {% placeholder "header" %}
      {% placeholder "top-row" %}
      {% placeholder "content" %}
      {% placeholder "sidebar" %}
      {% placeholder "bottom-row" %}
    • It should {% include include_page %} if it’s set, e.g. a structure like this:

      {% if page_include %}
              {% include page_include %}
      {% else %}
              {% placeholder "content" %}
      {% endif %}
    • You do not need to define {% block %} . You won’t be able to extend them since Django doesn’t let you extend blocks from included templates.