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How can I contribute?

Okay, this one hasn’t been asked “frequently” in the strict meaning of the word, but anyway. Glad you’re interested! Your help is welcome! Please check the contribute section.

...encountered problems

  • After updating, you might get:

    KeyError at /en/stuff/

    This means a plugin was removed but is still in the database. Just run:

    python source/ cms delete_orphaned_plugins --noinput

    if you were using the plugin that was removed, then those use cases will be gone. The alternative is reverting the update.

ElasticSearch / Haystack can’t connect

You can test that elasticsearch is running using a http request on port 9200, like so:

curl -X GET

If it isn’t, there could be a number of reasons.

In my case, I had to set START_DAEMON=true in /etc/default/elasticsearch (source)

You might also have the wrong version of the Python binding, see here